Technology Forum: Modern Electron Microscopy in Physical and Life Sciences

Technology Forum: Modern Electron Microscopy in Physical and Life Sciences

Offered by University of Delaware & Thermo Fisher Scientific (FEI)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

University of Delaware

215 Harker Laboratory (DuPont Science Learning Laboratories)

221 Academy Street, Newark, DE 19716

(At the intersection of Academy Street and Lovett Avenue. See map.)

9:00 am           Coffee and Registration

9:30 am           Introduction and welcome by University of Delaware’s Matt Doty and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Trisha Rice

9:45 am           Stephanie Law (UD): Cs-corrected HRTEM needs for epitaxial materials; David Martin (UD): In-Situ Imaging of Polymer and Organic Molecular Materials by Transmission Electron Microscopy

10:45 am         Q&A and networking

11:00 am         New Developments in variable kV, high resolution TEM and STEM systems, by Jan Ringnalda, Thermo Fisher Scientific

12:00 noon      Q&A and lunch

1:00 pm           Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy for In-Situ Dynamic Analysis and Observations & More Than Just Big Cross-Sections: The Helios G4 Xe+ Plasma DualBeam, by Rick Passey, Thermo Fisher Scientific

1:45 pm           Jodi Ann Hadden/Juan Perilla (UD): All-atom molecular dynamics of the HBV capsid and cryo-EM resolution limits

2:30 pm           Q&A and networking

2:45 pm           Advances in Cryo-EM: Merging of Structural and Cellular Biology, by Jeffrey Lengyel, Thermo Fisher Scientific

3:30 pm           Q&A and networking

3:45 pm           Darrin Pochan (UD): Cryo-TEM for Polymeric and Biomaterials Research

4:30 pm           Closing remarks by VP Research Charlie Riordan and networking

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