2023 is a big year for the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Delaware! We are celebrating our 25th anniversary as a department and the graduation of our first intrepid class of undergraduates. We are celebrating the successes of our faculty, including through our internationally-recognized research centers. These centers demonstrate our department’s place in the upper tier of MSE departments nationally, and MSE faculty are leading the way.

Many of our undergraduates have experienced their time at the University of Delaware very differently than a typical college experience, but have flourished, and we are certain they will make us proud as they go out into the world. We believe the experiences we’ve given them in the lab and the classroom will serve them well. Our graduate program remains strong, with outstanding students from all over the country and all over the world, and they are continuing to be excellent ambassadors for our department. Truly, the outstanding research achievements from our labs would not have been possible without our excellent graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

We look forward to a “Springtime” for the MSE department, as new opportunities emerge to bring in even more outstanding faculty, staff, and students and to continue our trajectory of working collaboratively to make new discoveries and engineer solutions to important problems. We welcome you to catch a glimpse of this through this issue of Materials Matters.


Undergraduate Curriculum Innovations

Undergraduate Curriculum Innovations

From creating lightweight yet durable prosthetics to designing new types of solar panels and batteries, materials engineers combine their expertise in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to help meet the needs of modern-day life.

Class of 2023

Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 are its first cohort of students to graduate and, thanks to UD’s innovative curriculum, are ready to tackle challenges of the 21st century head on.

Person working in nanofabrication facility

Labs & Facilities

State-of-the-Art facilities support materials science innovation across UD’s campus.

Materials Engineering ranked #42 on the US News and World Report rankings of US Graduate Programs.

UD Graduate Programs Among the Best in the Nation

2024 rankings spotlight top UD graduate programs.


2220 Material Science Magazine
2220 Material Science Magazine