External Advisory Committee

Dr. Garnett Bryant
Group leader, Atomic-Scale Device Group
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Dr. Russ Composto
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Pernell Dongmo
Unit Process Engineer/Advisory Scientist

Dr. Jeannie Stephens Epps
Director, Applied Technology & Evaluation
Terumo Medical Corporation

Dr. Moses Haimbodi
Associate Professor
Lincoln University

Dr. Timothy Hopkins
Chemours Discovery Hub Site Manager

Dr. Matthew Lamm
Director, Preformulation
Merck Research Laboratories

Dr. Isao Noda
Affiliate Professor
University of Delaware

Dr. Bulent Ozbas

Dr. Venkat Pallem
Deputy CTO
Air Liquide

Dr. Adam Rawlet
Chief Scientist, Weapons and Materials Directorate
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Dr. Nancy Sottos
Willett Professor/Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
University of Illinois