Matthew Doty

Matthew Doty


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone : (302) 831-0208
209 DuPont Hall


The goal of research in my group is to understand how nanometer scale structure and composition can be engineered to create new materials with optimized properties, with a particular focus on light-matter interactions. The potential applications for the materials we study range from quantum computing, communications, and sensing to high-efficiency photovoltaics. We are engaged in a number of projects including the colloidal synthesis and characterization of photon upconversion materials; the design, fabrication, and characterization of materials and nanophotonic devices that can control the emission of single photons or optically manipulate single spins; and optical characterization and control of complex hybrid materials including semiconductors, magnetic materials, and topological insulators. A recurring challenge in studying nanostructured materials is that bulk measurements are often sensitive only to the average structure, yet many interesting material properties depend sensitively on details of the structure and composition of single nanostructures. We have developed and employ expertise that allows us to quantify the relationship between structure on nanometer length scales and the behavior of single excitons, photons, charges and spins.


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