Thomas Epps

Thomas Epps, III

Allan & Myra Ferguson Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

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Phone : (302) 831-0215

232 Colburn Lab


Thomas is the Allan & Myra Ferguson Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware (UD) with a joint appointment in Materials Science & Engineering. He is Director of the Center for Research in Soft Matter & Polymers (CRiSP), Director of the new NSF MRSEC at UD called CHARM (Center for Hybrid, Active, and Responsive Materials) and Deputy Director of the new DOE EFRC at UD called CPI (Center for Plastics Innovation). His research interests include nanostructured assemblies for targeted drug delivery and gene therapy, polymeric materials for bio-separation and ion-conduction membranes, nanostructured soft materials from biobased and plastics waste feedstocks, and polymer films for nanotemplating. He was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2017, Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in 2018, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering in 2021, Polymers Division of the American Chemical Society in 2021, the American Chemical Society in 2021, and the National Academy of Inventors in 2022. Thomas is also co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Lignolix, Inc. – a start-up focused on valorization of biomass waste. He has received several honors and awards including: the William W. Grimes Award (AIChE, 2021), Percy L. Julian Award (NOBCChE, 2020); John H. Dillon Medal (APS, 2016); Owens-Corning Early Career Award (AIChE, 2015), among others. Thomas is an associate editor for Science Advances and a member of the DOE Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee.


  • University of North Carolina, Department of Chemistry, Slayton Evans Lecture, 2023
  • Johns Hopkins University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, William H. Schwarz Lecture, 2023
  • University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Alumni Lectures, 2022
  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Research and Entrepreneurship, UD, College of Engineering, 2022
  • University of Minnesota, Dept. of Chemistry, Jeannette Brown Lectureship, 2022
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Birnbaum Award, 2022
  • AIChE Minority Affairs William W. Grimes Award for Excellence in Chemical Engineering, 2021
  • University of Delaware, Men’s Soccer Team – Most Valuable Professor Award, 2021
  • C&E News Trailblazer, 2021
  • Allan & Myra Ferguson Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, UD, 2021
  • Percy L. Julian Award (NOBCChE), 2020
  • University of Minnesota, Chemical Eng. and Materials Science Centennial & Jubilee Alumni Lecture, 2020
  • Texas A&M University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Lindsay Lectureship, 2017
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Expert, 2017
  • National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Arab-US, Frontiers of Engineering Participant, 2016
  • University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Thiele Lectureship, 2016
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Graduate Students of Diversity Lectureship, 2016
  • John H. Dillon Medal, American Physical Society (APS), 2016
  • Owens Corning Young Investigator Award, AIChE, 2015
  • Kavli Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, 2014
  • National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Japan-US, Frontiers of Science Participant, 2014
  • Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award, 2014
  • National Academy of Engineering (NAE) US-EU, Frontiers of Engineering Participant, 2013
  • Thomas and Kipp Gutshall Chair of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, UD, 2012
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor Award (MIT), 2012
  • UD Gerard J. Mangone Best Young Scholar Award (Alison Young Professor), 2011
  • DuPont Young Professor Award, 2010
  • PECASE Award – Department of Defense (AFOSR), 2009
  • Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, UD, College of Engineering, 2009
  • Air Force Young Investigator Award, 2009
  • National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Frontiers of Engineering Participant, 2008
  • DOW Distinguished Lecturer, UC Santa Barbara, 2007
  • Lloyd Ferguson Young Scientist Award (NOBCChE), 2007
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, 2007

Research Interests

  1. Biobased materials from waste feedstocks to create performance-advantaged materials
  2. Valorization of plastics waste
  3. Ion-conducting battery membranes
  4. Nanostructured polymer thin films and coatings
  5. Nanoscale templating of materials
  6. Stimuli-responsive polymers systems for targeted drug delivery and gene therapy applications

Representative Publications

  1. Hinton, Z. R.; Talley, M. R.; Kots, P. A.; Le, A. V.; Zhang, T.; Mackay, M. E.; Kunjapur, A. M.; Bai, P.; Vlachos, D. G.; Watson, M. P.; Berg, M. C.; Epps, T. H., III; Korley, L. T. J. Annual Review of Materials Research 2022 52, 249-280 [invited article] “Innovations Toward the Valorization of Waste Plastics” (co-corresponding author)
  2. Epps, T. H., III; Korley, L. T. J.; Yan, T.; Beers, K. L.; Burt, T. M. JACS Au 2022 2(1), 3-11 [invited perspective] “Sustainability of Plastics: The Many Routes to Materials Life-Cycle Management” (corresponding author)
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