Chaoying Ni

Chaoying Ni


Director W. M. Keck, Center for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Email :
Phone : (302) 831-6359
Harker ISE Laboratory 250V


Dr. Ni’s general research interest centers on the characterization of novel structures and composites utilizing transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other cutting-edge equipment. Expertise includes electron crystallography and e-beam associated spectroscopy. Active efforts are on the process-structure-property relationships of advanced composites, mesoporous crystals, functionalized nanostructures and assemblies, thin films and interfaces.

Research Interests


Due to increasing needs for probing dynamic properties of multifunctional responsive materials or investigating polymeric/bio-materials of high electron-beam sensitivity, a broad range of ancillary equipment has been acquired and/or customized in the past few years for in-situ or low-dose electron microscopy. Specifically, electrochemical analysis, cryo-microscopy, and mechanical or mechanoelectrical testing in both TEM and SEM for nano- to micro-scale materials or structures are being explored. Active research focuses on the phase transformation, interactions, and assembling of materials and structures within a designed environment simulating applications for electronics, photonics, electrochemistry and biochemistry.


Nanostructures and assemblies demonstrate unprecedented potentials for novel phenomena, properties and applications that were not accessible before. A major component of Dr. Ni’s research focuses on the fabrication and/or the characterization of designed novel nanostructures and assemblies. In one effort, Ag nano-crystals were grown via a method with structural characteristics as mediated by the surfactant molecules in an aqueous solution. Using transmission electron microscopy, this special nanorod was characterized and was found to be a truncated decahedral structure consisting of five crystal units packing along {111} twining planes with five {111} planes on each end and five circumferential {001} side surfaces parallel to a longitudinal direction so as to allow most active crystal planes exposed.

In another effort, by constructing active nanocomponents, in-situ TEM is used to probe and discover new phenomena for potential applications in advanced technologies.


Multifunctional composites including polymer matrix composites (PMC), metal matrix composites (MMC) and ceramic matrix composites (CMC) remain to be one of the major research interests. Special interest centers on interfaces, reactive-diffusion, phase formation and local properties and functions that usually need to be resolved by electron microscopy and/or in-situ testing. Currently, on-going projects include diamond/SiC thin films and their properties including interfacial properties and interfacial transport behaviors.


In the development of new medicines, desired properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are not only due to their chemicals but also very much dependent on the crystal structures. Understanding the crystal polymorphism is therefore essential for the screening of APIs and the efficacy of drugs. Low-dose imaging and nano-diffraction can play an essential role.

For example, a palladium catalyst supported by Si-thiol, a commercially available mercaptopropyl-modified and TMS-passivated amorphous silica, was synthesized and characterized by aberration-corrected STEM-HAADF and other cutting-edge equipment. Statistical analysis revealed that the catalytic Pd species can exist as a mixture of isolated atoms (ca. 0.1 nm) and atomic clusters (<2 nm) in addition to relatively larger nanoparticles (<5 nm). The nanoscale atomic clusters dominate the reactivity and serve as the key active sites for Suzuki coupling. The Pd/Si-thiol was demonstrated to be reusable for more than three times without a noticeable loss of catalytic activity.


Representative Publications

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