Mengying (Sara) Yang, a College of Engineering Ph.D. candidate working in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering under the supervision of Thomas H. Epps III, Allan and Myra Ferguson Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, won second place in the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Polymer Physics (DPOLY) poster competition. Yang’s Ph.D. research focuses on designing new, liquid-free polymer-based electrolytes to address the safety and energy efficiency challenges associated with current batteries that use flammable liquid electrolytes. Her second-place poster, titled “Enhanced Ion Conduction by Decoupling Ion Transport from Polymer Segmental Relaxation in Single-Ion-Conducting, Polymer-Blend Electrolytes,” was presented during the APS DPOLY 2024 March Meeting in Minneapolis. APS is a nonprofit membership organization that works to advance the knowledge of physics; it currently has over 50,000 members. DPOLY is a division of APS that focuses on the physics of natural and synthetic macromolecular materials.