FAQ – 3+2 BA/MMSE Degree Program

The following are answers to commonly asked questions about the 3+2 BA/MMSE program.

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What is the Millersville University and University of Delaware 3+2 Program?
This program articulation agreement applies to Millersville University of Pennsylvania BA Physics degree and the University of Delaware Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering (MMSE) degree.

Students in the 3+2 BA/MMSE program are allowed to satisfy some of the requirements for a Master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Delaware while completing the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at Millersville University of Pennsylvania

What are the advantages of the 3+2 BA/MMSE program?
Many employers now favor hiring more highly trained engineers at the entry level of the profession. Many in the academic community feel that a combined bachelor/master’s program will soon become the accepted standard training for engineers. The MSEG 3+2 BA/MMSE program is an integrated program that facilitates the completion of a master’s degree with two years of study beyond 94 of the credits required for the Millersville bachelor’s degree. It is anticipated that with proper planning and scheduling, a semester of study may be eliminated and students should be able to complete the BA and MMSE degrees within five years of study.
What are the disadvantages of the 3+2 BA/MMSE Program?
3+2 BA/MMSE status may impact negatively on the eligibility for undergraduate and graduate financial aid. The time-saving advantage of the 3+2 BA/MMSE program may be lost if the student does not follow an efficient plan of study when they enter the program.
Why get a Master's degree?
Engineering is fast becoming a field where a master’s degree is of increasing importance for professional development. This degree is also a way to round out and enhance the knowledge gained by the undergraduate experience and to provide specific knowledge in a niche area of engineering. A master’s degree is also a necessary first step toward a Ph.D. degree.
When is the best time to get a Master's degree?
The best time will depend on personal goals and plans. There are several paths to the Master’s degree including continuation immediately after the Bachelor’s degree, part-time education in conjunction with employment, and a delayed return to the University after field experience. Students should choose the route that fits with their individual career goals and lifestyle choices.
Can I get Financial Support for the 3+2 BA/MMSE degrees?
Neither Millersville University of Pennsylvania nor the University of Delaware has any financial responsibilities to this program. Students who apply to this program are responsible for all tuition, fees and living expenses that are applicable to their curriculum and enrollment. Any application for financial aid during enrollment at the University of Delaware will need to be completed through the University of Delaware Office of Financial Aid.
What course can I use to satisfy the requirements of both degrees?
All articulated course credits earned at the University of Delaware with a grade of C or better will be accepted by Millersville University of Pennsylvania for transfer and credit toward the BA Physics degree at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, according to the program matrix.
Does this change the requirements for my undergraduate degree?
Millersville University of Pennsylvania requires 120 credits for the BA Physics degree, and therefore, 26 credits will typically need to be transferred from the University of Delaware to meet this requirement.
Will I need to pick an MSEG concentration option?
Yes. Each graduate student in MSEG is required to choose a particular technical option that determines the specific course requirements. Currently, the approved options include Soft Materials, Hard Materials, and Composites. The specific course requirements vary depending on the particular option, as described in detail later in this document and on the MSEG web pages. An individualized option is also available with the permission of the MSEG Graduate Program Director.
Who can apply?
To officially enter the 3+2 BA/MMSE program, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Must be a student in the BA Physics degree program at Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  • Completion of five semester or 94 credits of coursework of the baccalaureate degree program
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • GRE quantitative score of at least 155 and a combined scores (quantitative + verbal of at least 300
  • Three excellent letters of recommendations from faculty or scholars
How does one apply?
First, make an appointment with Joshua Zide to discuss this program and ensure that it is a good fit with your career goals and plans.

Then, complete an online application for the Graduate School, selecting the 3+2 option. The application is submitted to the UDel Graduate School. The statement of purpose, transcripts (needed for courses taken at other universities) and three recommendation letters should be submitted directly to the MSEG Department. General Record Exam (GRE) scores are also required. The graduate school application fee must be submitted as well.

When should one apply?
The application deadlines are:

  • To begin 3+2 BA/MMSE in the fall term- U.S. & Canadian students apply by August 1, International students apply by June 1
  • To begin 3+2 BA/MMSE in spring term- U.S. & Canadian students apply by Nov. 1, International students apply by October 1
Is my admission automatic if I meet the basic criteria and enrollment status?
Admission is not automatic. The MSEG faculty will carefully review your application. Your statement of purpose and letters of recommendation are important parts of the admissions decision.
Must international student retake the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for admissions to the 3+2 BA/MMSE program?
The TOEFL is waived for students who have already taken it.
What are the 3+2 BA/MMSE degree requirements?