Robert Opila

Robert Opila


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Phone : (302) 831-3128
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Dr. Opila is currently the professor of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Delaware and the rotator of Division of Material Research at the National Science Foundation. The group’s research has emphasized interfacial phenomena, including charge transfer at interfaces, metal/polymer adhesion, and the source of electron traps at dielectric/semiconductor interfaces. As electronic and photonic devices become smaller, interfaces between materials are playing an even more important role. In general, the aim of the research has been to relate chemical and morphological structure at the interface to physical properties of the system. As probes of these buried interfaces, traditional surface science techniques, like X-ray spectroscopy and Inverse photoelectron spectroscopy, have been extended to probe buried interfaces. Dr. Opila’s current interests include the role of interfaces in organic light emitting diodes and photovoltaics and semiconductor surface processing.


  • Fulbright Scholar, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (2012-2013)
  • Visiting Professorial Fellow, University of New South Wales (2013)
  • Fellow, American Vacuum Society (2000).
  • Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (1993).
  • Divisional Affirmative Action Award (1993).
  • Prize Paper Award, 34th IEEE Holm Conference (1989).
  • James Franck Scholar, The University of Chicago (1975-1977).
  • B. S. Awarded with Highest Departmental Distinction (1975).
  • Edmund James Scholar, University of Illinois (1971-1975).

Research Interests

  • Next generation photovoltaic device such as organic/silicon hybrids.

  • Spectroscopic analysis of thin films/interfaces for microelectronics.

  • Development of atomic layer etching.

  • Analysis of iconic oil paintings to determine mechanism of degradation.

  • Commercialization of novel technical discoveries.

  • Reliability of electronic assemblies.

Representative Publications


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